Past Portfolio

As I was preparing to write another post, I found myself coming across some old photos of work I did in Michigan.  Michigan is where I truly found my love for wedding parties!  In the studio I worked at, Dean Sadler’s Hair & Makeup Studio, weddings were top notch.  Dean had this beautiful room that the bridal party would rent out and he would set out a spread! There would be mimosas, coffee, tea, bagels, fruit, pastries, etc.  It became a party instead of work! I loved having the bridal party all in one room enjoying each other.  Since, I do no have the space to host bridal parties, I travel to them.  The same feel is somewhat recreated in a hotel room, everyone packed in exchanging laughs and memories.  I have been trying to brainstorm ideas about how to bring the added feature of a spread on the road with me.  Any ideas?

I owe a lot of my tricks of the trade to my old boss, Dean.  He was a hair and makeup stylist on the sets of television shows and movies in the past.  He is truly an artist and I miss him dearly!

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